Graffiti Styles And Techniques

Have you ever come across a street with graffiti designs and stop for a while and understand what’s in it? Or you might think that this is just another form of vandalism? It’s about time to study different graffiti styles and identify its techniques.

A graffiti is mostly done by the people gifted by talented hands to create, design and impose it on the walls. You might never know the reasons why they doing this, but you can identify and know its worth at the very least.


This is usually the simplest type in the world of graffiti. The creator’s name was written on the wall using just one color, usually just showing up the creator’s signature and this might have their initials. But the little thing you know, when someone covers up the creator’s name, it is considered as an act of disrespectful.


This is one of the best graffiti styles you will ever notice on the wall streets, sometimes it can conceive you that it is a 3D design but it’s actually not. Blek Le Rat and Banksy are the men behind this graffiti style, Stencil features a detailed picture using two to three layers.


Easy to read, bubble letters using just one color. This can be mostly seen in wide spaces or areas. It usually covers the entire wall painted with rollers.

Throw Up

A complicated to read, the creator used two or more colors to design the style lettering on the wall. This is often done by graffiti beginners, characterized by curved lines. In the early years, graffiti makers only used black and white or silver and black for the throw-up styles, but now they have evolved using two different colors, whatever they would like to use.


A self-explanatory graffiti style, where no one can understand what is written or drawn on the wall. You can only notice that a wildstyle consists of arrows, spikes, curves and many other things that only graffiti artists or creators will understand.


The word piece in graffiti style is derived from the word “masterpiece” once you see this style of graffiti it will definitely amaze you. They contain at least three colors that made them longer to paint and to be finished by a graffiti artist. A time-consuming effort of every graffiti artist and the nervousness they feel while working on it since it is illegal.


You probably have seen this style of graffiti and asked yourself, how does someone can work that creativity in higher places? Graffiti artist can do so much if he really wants to.  Heaven graffiti style is an artwork in a place that is absolutely difficult to reach and manage to finish. A graffiti artist who usually does this, automatically earns respect from his fellow artists.

Next time you came across a graffiti artwork anywhere you are, you can now identify which style is it and take the time to understand what they really want to say, even if it means they are unknown.