Graffiti Terminologies

If you are just starting up on being a graffiti artist or you just really want to know what are the terms they usually use, read this article until the end. Be familiar with their terms and know the meaning behind the unusual illustration they have beautifully created.

There are hundreds of words and different languages but at least  you will get to know about these 10 graffiti terms and images.

  1.    Angel

When you pass by on a street with a graffiti art of an angel, it means that one of the highly respected and popular graffiti artists in their circle just passed away. So don’t feel weird when they draw an angel, it just their way of paying respect to the deceased graffiti artist they really love.

  1.    King

When they draw or write a word that says “king” it means that this person is treated very special and they indeed respect him among any other graffiti artists. You must take note that every graffiti styles have its own king and queen.

  1.    Married Couple

Compared to its ordinary terminologies, “married couple” in a graffiti dictionary refers to two train cars painted with a single painting spread on both cards. You cannot identify the gap between these two cars since it’s painted and “married couple”

  1.    Heaven Spot

This one goes out to the places where it’s hard to finish. Let’s just say that heaven spot can be easily found in places like a rooftop, highway and overpass and anywhere that is difficult to reach.  A graffiti artists who does the heaven spot put his life in danger, whereas accidents can happen and may lead them to his death.

  1.    Piece

This term means a masterpiece, this illustration is large, intense and complex. Only skilled and experienced graffiti artists or writers can do this.

  1.    Back to Back

When graffiti is painted on the entire wall from end to end, it is called back to back. This type of art is mostly underappreciated and misunderstood since there are people who are not inclined into arts. Therefore, people without an interest in any type of art will only think of this as vandalism, when in fact, it is not.

  1.    Black Book

A medium sized sketchbook used by graffiti artist to perfect their artwork before implementing on the walls, sometimes they may have ideas which artworks they would like to paint but currently, they don’t have time to do it. They prefer to keep it to their black book.

  1.    Whole Train

Stating the obvious here, the whole train is painted by multiple graffiti artists. This is considered as one of the respected forms when it comes to the world of artists. This requires a lot of effort, patience, time and most of all the courage to stand by your belief and how brave you are, since this has a higher risk of getting caught by authorities.

Next time you hear them talking, you may know identify what are they referring to.