Inspirations that Graffiti Designers Can Draw from Other Styles of Art



Graffiti, famously known as street art, is often associated with vandalism or gangs. However, there is so much that you can learn from the art of graffiti than you may realize. The level of skill, planning, purpose, and communication that happens with some of the graffiti pieces can be mind-blowing. Below are some of the lessons and inspirations designers can take home from graffiti.

Let Your Designs Speak for Themselves

Graffiti artists usually leverage on their medium to showcase some of the beliefs they have on the currents state of the society. They may point out to the flaws of a government or speak out on other social ills. The use of imagery speaks volumes for the messages the artists hope to convey.

In the same vein, the designs you create should communicate whatever message they have clearly and effectively. Narrow down to the message you want to get across before you start the designing process. By focusing on what to say, you will provide a strong foundation so that your design can convey the exact idea to the masses.

Use Typography to Communicate Your Message

Both graffiti art and graphic design have a common foundation and that is all are after communicating a message. Despite the fact that they are using different methods, both are leveraging on their respective mediums to push a message to the masses. Typography comes with a visual element that lends a design an edge to the story it is communicating.

Ensure the typography you use correlates to the design you are creating. Don’t force a certain type of typography because it may fail terribly. In the event you still insist to use a certain style of topography, ensure you do so creatively especially if the typographic element doesn’t usually go with the image or design.

Make Your Design Look Energized

If there is one thing graffiti does perfectly well is in adding life to designing. It doesn’t matter the sense of hurry or emergency, the artists channel their sense of energy into every part of the art. When you infuse your designs with passion, your brand or idea comes alive. If graffiti artists can create a movement of energy within a limited amount of time, how much more can you given enough time to design.

Let Your Designs Showcase Movements

If you want people to sit up and take note of your work, your designs ought to showcase movements. Graffiti artists use scale, color, and their painting style to portray movement in their work. You too can borrow a leaf and play around with style and color to infuse movement in your creations. By making your design seem as if it can peel off from its surface and move, you can hook your audience.

Scale Up Your Designs

Every time someone thinks of graffiti art, the image of a mural that covers the entire space of a wall comes up. These artists use the basic or simple designs and up their scales to make their impact stronger. By playing with shape and size in your own creation, your design can also have a huge impact.

There are lots of lessons you can learn from graffiti art that can benefit your own designs and amplify the message you are trying to pass across.